The 9 Worthies / Adam

The 9 Worthies / Adam

Limited edition resin sculpture featuring a look composed by key pieces from the AW12 collections. Produced in a numbered series of 20, all sculpted, hand painted and signed by Salão Coboi.

Adam wears Walter Van Beirendonck shirt, Marc Jacobs trousers and Buttero colored sole desert boots.

The concept behind THE 9 WORTHIES revolves around the mysticism and symbology of number 9: The Nine Worthies are nine historical, or semi legendary figures who, in the Middle Ages, were believed to personify the ideals of chivalry. 9 marks the end of a stage in the spiritual development and the beginning of another, a superior stage. In such an apocalyptic scenario, Salão Coboi likes to imagine that these could be the 9 chosen ones, that represent the beginning of the superior stage.

Height: 31cm,  Width 14cm, Depth 13cm

Approx. weight: 1kg

Resin hand painted with Vinyl Acrylic Paint 

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320 EUR